Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Scribbles from Tenerife: A new slogan!!

Having read that “RogueState: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower” has shot from the sub 200,000th region up to the top 50 best sellers on Amazon Books because Osama Bin Laden said it’s a decent read, I have been toying with promoting this blog through such celebrity endorsement.

Totting up my earnings from google adsense (almost $4.00), I realise that most celebrities may be a little out of my budget. Furthermore, the lack of political conviction, calls to jihad and fundamentalist fervour expressed in this blog is unlikely to attract the attention of Osama… so I have to look for a new angle on this. Clearly, I am not going to get away with a claim like “Bin Laden reads Scribbles from Tenerife”. I don’t think Tenerife is high on his list of favourite holiday destinations. (Hmmm… come to think of it, you never know! After all, they did unearth a Croatian war criminal here the other week! Note to self: pay closer attention to people’s faces on the street, there are some large rewards to be had!) Also, admirers of the aforementioned Mr Bin Laden are not necessarily going to take kindly to being faced with my mindless drivel when they were hoping for a healthy bit of anti-American fanaticism.

After some intense deliberation whilst supping my coffee this morning, I have finally cracked it! I will use George Bush. As far as I can see, on the net, Bush is the singularly most unpopular character in the known world at the moment. Therefore, it seems to me that there is a lot of kudos to be gained by saying, (small trumpet fanfare, if you please)…

“George Bush does NOT read Scribbles from Tenerife”

In this way, I should be able to attract the anti-Bush contingent (about 90% of the population), and yet avoid the potential fatwa that the Bin Laden claim may have encouraged. So there it is. My blog now has a slogan. I can sit back, watch the hit counter go ballistic and the google gold roll in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice try mate, but doesn't "George Bush does NOT read." Period. Full stop., work equally as well?

BTW, thanks for the link to Secret Tenerife. I've added a link to you on mine now too.

2:46 pm  
Blogger Tenerife Scribbler said...

Yeah, Pamela... my wife said that, too... of course, I can see from your other blog that you are a big fan of Georgie, just like she is! LOL.

12:22 pm  

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